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Mintimer Shaimiev has met with a deputy of State Duma Federal Meeting Russian Federation


In eight of February the State Adviser of Republic Tatarstan, the Chairman of the Board of guardians of Republican fund of revival of monuments of history and culture РТ Mintimer Shaymiev has met the deputy of the State Duma of Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation, the first deputy of the chairman of committee on culture Elena Drapeko. During a meeting Mintimer Shaymiev has told about stories of restoration of the Kazan Kremlin, Fund «Renaissance» creation, about its activity, about Bolgare and Svijazhske.


Tatarstan plans to leave with the legislative initiative about toughening of a migratory policy in the Russian Federation


            Tatarstan consider that liberalisation of the federal legislation regarding the migratory policy, carried out since 2006, has led to separate negative tendencies, and it should be improved.

About it there was a speech at working meeting which was spent by the president of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on Thursday in Kazan, the press-service of the head of region informs.

Participants of meeting noticed that today registration of foreign citizens has notifying character that negatively affects a migratory situation as a whole, involves such problem as mass arrival of migrants in the country and their uncontrolled stay, the President of republic also has charged to toughen control over statement of foreign citizens on the migratory account. As he said, it is necessary to connect local authorities to this question, district militia officers, and also to involve the public.

«Besides, law enforcement bodies should strengthen work on exclusion of illegal migrants, and also on revealing of illegal labour migrants», — the head of region has told.

He has charged to create working group which, in particular, will work a question of strengthening of measures of administrative responsibility for the employers illegally involving foreign labour.

It is entrusted to republic cabinet to develop a series of measures — within the limits of powers of the subject of Federation — on toughening of a migratory policy.

Thereupon, he considers, it is necessary to study a situation in sphere of a migratory policy as a whole, to analyse statistics, experience and legislations of other countries «, — R.Minnikhanov has told.

Representatives of law enforcement bodies have taken part in meeting, Offices of Public Prosecutor of republic and Management of Federal Imigratsionnoi Sluzhby in the territorial  the Russian Federation.


In Kazan have discussed questions of development Kamsky industrial claster.


            The eight of February In the Kazan IT park has passed meeting with participation of President Republic Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Andrey Ivanov where questions of development Kamsky industrial кластера, ОЭЗ «Alabuga» and Innopolisa were discussed.

Speaking about development Kamsky industrial кластера, President РТ has noticed that it should include a high-grade cycle from working out of the goods before its advancement in the market, Andrey Ivanov has agreed with it.

According to Minnikhanov, Nizhnekamsk could become a place for the research centre in petrochemistry and oil refining sphere.

Also at meeting prospects of the further development of a special economic zone of «Alabuga» and process of realisation of the project of the IT city of Innopolis were discussed.


In the Kazan Kremlin celebrate day of State Emblem Republic Тatarstan


On seventh of February to State Emblem of Republic Tatarstan 21 year is executed. In honour of celebrating of day of State Emblem РТ in the Museum of history of statehood of the Tatar people and Republic Tatarstan there passes a quiz.


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Russian news

Russians named the patriarch the spiritual leader of the nation.


About half of inhabitants of Russia (48 %) have counted patriarch Cyril as the moral instructor and the spiritual leader of Russian nation. Such results of the sociological research spent VCIOM , have appeared on February, 6th on an organisation site.


Into Russia will enter transient railway tickets.


The ministry of transport of the Russian Federation suggests to enter transient tickets for a railway transportation into Russia. It means that to passengers will cease to compensate cost of the tickets bought on noncontrollable tariffs.


In day of the seventy anniversary from the date of Stalingradsky fight Volgograd became Stalingrad.


The 31st the municipal duma of Volgograd has made decision to keep the name of Stalingrad, as the second name of a city under which it will appear six days in a year — of February, 2nd, of May, 9th, of June, 22nd, of August, 23rd, of September, 2nd of November, 19th of November.


In Russia the new procedure of payments of a living wage is confirmed.


The Prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decision about living wage calculation per capita. On it on February, 3rd it is informed on a government Internet portal.

Since 2013 the new order of calculation of a consumer’s basket on which basis the living wage pays off has started to operate. According to the confirmed document, the minimum set of foodstuff is measured now in natural indicators. Thus cost непродовольственных which enter into a consumer’s basket, is defined as half from cost of foodstuff. Still the quarter from a total cost of a basket is necessary on consumed services.



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Foreign news

On February, 2nd

In Egypt hundreds holding a meeting have advanced to the attack on president residence.

People stone a building and bottles with a gas mixture, demanding dissolution of movement «Brothers-Moslems»

The police protecting president residence of Egypt in capital area Al-Ittihadija, on the night of Sunday has applied pomegranates with tear gas against several hundreds the demonstrators, trying to attack a palace.

In capital of Czechia started a winter carnival.


The second of February on the Old Mestsky area the Meeting of masks will take place. In the same place it will be possible to see various medieval games, including, run of gold pigs and knightly tournament in the evening.

Winter carnival Carnevale Praha has begun in capital of Czechia on Friday in a palace Klam-Gallasov where will daily take place the representations devoted to dances and music of an epoch of baroque.

John Kerri has officially entered a post of the US State Secretary.


The head of the international committee of the Senate John Kerri has officially replaced Hillari Clinton on a post of the US State Secretary.


On February, 3rd

The next two months in Egypt will choose new parliament.


Elections in new parliament of Egypt will pass the next two months.

It was declared on Sunday to journalists by the official representative of Presidential Administration Yasser Ali.

«To elections in the lower chamber of new Egyptian parliament — the House of Representatives — remains two months or even less», — Ali has told. He has added that the new law about elections will arrive in the Advisory council (the parliament upper chamber) after the statement the Constitutional court, and president Mohammed Mursi declares universal suffrage carrying out.


The police building in Iraq was attacked by insurgents, 30 persons were lost.


Any grouping yet has not incurred responsibility for act of terrorism

On Sunday the police headquarters in the city of Kirkuk in the north of Iraq was attacked by insurgents. They have killed thurty and having wounded seventy persons.


On February, 4th    

The colourful carnival in Venice has begun with flight of an angel.

The traditional carnival in Venice has opened «Flight of an angel» — descent to many thousands crowd of the young lady.

The special attention of all participants of a carnival besides flight of an angel by tradition involves «Maria’s Parade» in which will take part twelve venecianoc, and also the main competition on the best mask which will be chosen in final day. Will finish a carnival «a silent regatta» gondolas on the Big channel. Holliday will last till «fat Tuesday» of February, 12th.


The president of Iran has gathered in space.


Mahmud Ahmadinedzhad dreams to do some flying by the spaceship.

The president of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinedzhad has declared on February, 4th that is ready to become the first person who will go to space by the spaceship of local manufacture.

Visiting an exhibition of achievements of the Iranian aerospace branch, the head of the state has declared: «I am ready to become the first person who will be put into orbit by the Iranian scientists. Sending of live beings in space became result of intense work of thousand our experts».


In Kirghizia — mass runaway of military men.

About 40 soldiers-srochnikov who drew duty in Bishkek, in internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, did not begin to leave in the dress and have left the posts.

Than such demarche has been provoked — while it is for certain not known.

Already it was possible to return some fugitives. As have informed ITAR-TASS in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia, the reasons which have compelled soldiers to make runaway are now found out. Relatives also are connected to their search.


On February, 7th

In Egypt grain cards are entered


Flat cakes subsidised with the government рагыф from a dark flour of a rough grinding will stand out not under coupons, and on smart cards.

But it does not change an essence of an innovation: consumers of these flat cakes are not most protected levels of population of the country which have endured revolutionary change of the power.

Each Egyptian can daily receive on hands on three cheap flat cakes in the state bakeries. Thus behind bread delivery the strict account is established to avoid flour contraband.


Tunis was captured by protests.


Fault to all murder of one of leaders of opposition.

The head is left-democratic «the Popular front of Tunis» Shokri Belaid which are considered as one of leaders of opposition, has been killed by four shots in a head and a breast when left the house.


Japan has accused Russia of intrusion.


The Russian fighters have broken air space of Japan.

The Ministry of Defence of Japan has declared intrusion of two Russian fighters into air space of the country. Planes have crossed Japanese border near island Hokkaido.

In connection with incident the representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has directed to Japan the protest to embassy of Russia in Tokyo. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has not reacted yet to statements of the Japanese party.




Spaniards demand resignation of the prime minister


The petition about resignation of the head of the government was signed by each 47th Spaniard.

The petition calling the prime minister of Spain Mariano Rahoja to retire, has collected already more than one million signatures.

Signatures gather for online to a platform for petitions change.org.

The document was signed by each 47th Spaniard.


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Обзор российских новостей

В России утвержден новый порядок расчета прожиточного минимума

Премьер-министр России Дмитрий Медведев подписал постановление о вычислении прожиточного минимума на душу населения. Об этом 3 февраля сообщается на интернет-портале правительства.

С 2013 года начал действовать новый порядок вычисления потребительской корзины, на основе которой рассчитывается прожиточный минимум. Согласно утвержденному документу, минимальный набор продуктов питания теперь измеряется в натуральных показателях. При этом стоимость непродовольственных товаров, которые входят в потребительскую корзину, определяется как половина от стоимости продуктов питания. Еще четверть от общей стоимости корзины приходится на потребляемые услуги

В день 70-летия со дня Сталинградской битвы Волгоград стал Сталинградом

31 января городская дума Волгограда приняла решение сохранить название Сталинград, как второе имя города, под которым он будет фигурировать шесть дней в году — 2 февраля, 9 мая, 22 июня, 23 августа, 2 сентября и 19 ноября

В России введут невозвратные железнодорожные билеты

Министерство транспорта РФ предлагает ввести в России невозвратные билеты на железнодорожный транспорт. Это значит, что пассажирам перестанут компенсировать стоимость купленных по нерегулируемым тарифам билетов.

Россияне назвали патриарха духовным лидером нации

Около половины жителей России (48%) посчитали патриарха Кирилла моральным наставником и духовным лидером русской нации. Такие результаты социологического исследования, проведенного ВЦИОМ, появились 6 февраля на сайте организации

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